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January Events:

County Team - 1/9

5:45 P.M. - Market Street Panera

Planning and Development Team

1/10 - 6 P.M. - New Garden Panera

City Council Team - 1/16

6 P.M. - Lawndale Panera

Fundraising Team - 1/16

6 P.M. - McPherson's Grill

5710 Highpoint Rd.

Neighborhood Networkers - 1/23

6 P.M. - Kathleen Clay Edwards Library

Liaison Team - 1/24

6 P.M. - New Garden Panera

“Front Line Forum”

1/26 - 6 P.M.

C4gc’s Large Group monthly meeting

Golden Corral off Lawndale

(In order to use the meeting room at the Golden Corral

our C4gc attendees must purchase dinner:

Dinner, Drink, Dessert, Tip $12.00ea)

2012 is full of hope and excitement for local conservatives. C4gc will be working to help elect the most Constitutional candidates to federal, state and local offices. Partner with us by joining one of our Action Teams, attending our monthly “Front Line Forum” large group meeting, or financially supporting our efforts by becoming a C4gc Insider’s Club member. America is the greatest nation on earth and Guilford County is the wonderful place we call home. Let’s work together in order to ensure liberty, opportunity and prosperity for our children and grandchildren by actively pursuing the removal of Obama, Perdue, and other liberal progressives in 2012!!